Overload Obstacle Run

Obstacle Course Overview

OVERLOAD is an obstacle and mud run which you can run on your own or as part of a team.

We have a overload UKOCR trophy Race wave with prizes for 1 st, 2nd and 3rd male and female past the post This wave will be for the runners who like to go as fast as the can and complete every obstacle thrown at them

And we have our Open waves which are more fun waves where the emphasis is on challenging yourself, moving out of your comfort zone and feeling that sense of accomplishment when you cross the finish line.

Each lap is around 5-6km long and you can do as many as you like whilst the course is open

We are a family orientated company and with that in mind, we also put on a family wave where we let children run with adults, all children running will be encouraged to do the same obstacles as the adults but with a little help from mum and dad, and they will receive a unique OVERLOAD medal and t-shirt/vest

OVERLOAD is simply what it says, OVERLOADED with obstacles. You will encounter terrain that will push you to your limits and mud that will suck you in, water to wade through and carries to test you, and we expect them all done with a smile on your face and not to forget over 80% of obstacles can be seen by spectators

And don’t forget you can camp over  Friday and Saturday night, for only £10 per person, you will get premium parking right next to the event village, separate utilities to non-campers and easy access to the showers

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Review of our last event

Obstacle - Tyers, Horse Jump & Ditches

The first obstacle encountered was a long straight of different tyres of all shapes and sizes to scramble over, followed closely with a horse jump to get you warmed up. Then came the ditch jumps, a succession of 4 ditches to jump across which got wider and wider which certainly tested your stride, this was quickly followed by a series of half buried tyres to scramble under – make sure you breathe in on that last set.

At OVERLOAD we like to use the natural environment as much as possible, and the first of our natural obstacles is an unusually shaped tree to scramble under, over and along – it’s all about being a big kid again.


Obstacle - Sack Race

Now feeling warmed up it was time to pick up a log and carry it for a few hundred meters – did we forget to mention that the downhill was quickly followed by an uphill – a killer on those calves.

If you weren’t tired yet you soon will be, once you put the log down you are straight onto the sack race – yes we did just say sack race. The downhill was tough but like the log carry we don’t make things easy, yep you guessed it you now need to come all the way back – up hill!!!!


Mud Pit


Draining Hills & Testing Terrain


Great Man Made Obstacles

Obstacle - Water Slide & Spiders Web

The water slide is always a favourite and by the smiles on your faces we didn’t disappoint.

Who got caught in the spider’s web?? A tough section of the course to climb through with hundreds of meters of rope tied between trees, sounds easy? Well it’s not, just ask the runners who are still trying to get through hahaha!!


Obstacle - Leaning walls to A-frames

We not only try to use as much of the natural land as possible for obstacles we also try and use what’s there on the working farm; from jumping over trailers, climbing through animal feeders and of course climbing over stinky cow poo; yes you heard us right stinky cow poo, who could ask for more.

There are walls galore on this course so make sure you practice your climbing, from leaning walls to A-frames we’ve got them, if you get stuck just ask a fellow runner or marshal to a chuck you over.


Obstacle - Mud, Mud and a bit more Mud

Did I hear you say where’s the mud! Never fear we have lots of it, we will have you running through bogs, under muddy cargo nets, and we even have our very own muddy pond for you to jump in and splash about.

You did the OVERLOAD Obstacle Run!

All our runners get a free technical t-shirt/vest and a free finishers medal. At the OVERLOAD village you will find good quality food vendors, a DJ and viewing points for spectators. All waves receive a free complimentary warm up to get you ready for the run.

After the event make sure you get hold of your free photo’s to remember the day and share your memories with friends and family.

Want to sign up its easy, just hit the sign up button on the top menu and follow the on screen instructions, if your still undecided here is what our runners have said:

“Great range of obstacles. Loved the little pallet walls and the hoopla (very original), great mix of mud and obstacles. Thanks to the marshals, you were all fab. We loved the base camp area with the hay bales to chill out”

“Absolutely loved the event and the location was fantastic and all of the volunteers really encouraging and helpful especially the guy who fed us jelly babies after the water pool”

“Fantastic, well done on your first event, here's to many more”


High Intensity run


Water Slide


Challenging Obstacles